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Landscape || Kid Art Commissions

Updated: May 30, 2023

A few years ago, I searched for the perfect marsh scene to remind me of our family vacations on St. Simons Island. I love collecting artwork from trips, adventures or to celebrate family milestones. Well, I decided to have my own kids create the memory. I've taught this lesson dozens (probably more) times to children. Now, let's create something for our dining room (ha!)

Ever since the first landscape kid commission, I have loved creating them with many other families. I've learned that they need to be quick and active to keep the colors dynamic and fresh. I love hearing the memories and stories from favorite family trips, wedding venues, honeymoons, family lake/river/mountain houses.

A pandemic really makes you think about the power of a landscape. Maybe that's why I needed a massive one created for our own home. Regardless, there are many places, vistas and views that are special to me. More importantly, are the people I share them with. What an amazing thing to be able to collaborate with them on such powerful and meaningful piece!

"Landscape" can mean so much to different people. What do you think of?

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