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Santa Rosa Beach Recap

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Back in Nashville from a wonderful trip to Santa Rosa Beach, FL! So inspiring that I am up, showered and at my computer with a hot cup of coffee at 6am on a Saturday. But, my brain is exploding! :)

"Wait, what just happened?", you may ask. From March 10-13, I set up a satellite studio in SRB to create custom Kid Art Commissions with the local (and some Tennesseans on vacation!) families. This type of "event" is one that has advanced registration with a link via my newsletter and website. Next, there's a deposit before all the art planning fun happens! You choose the size and color scheme. Kid Art Commissions are completely customizable, one-on-one with me, include my professional enhancements after your kiddos leave, 1 round of edits, and about an hour of art magic for your young artists. AND framing is an option too!

"Why do you act like you live here?" Well, I become besties with the gas station cashier, while my family is waiting impatiently in the, I make myself at home anywhere! But, my sister married (the best) Destin local, and they have been living in SRB since 2007. That's why you may see me at Seahawks games, on playground duty at Helen McCall while the bigs are at the ball field, or shouting at the 6 cousins to GET IN THE CAR! If you know Erin, you understand why I travel solo with my 3 kids to hang with them often:)

"I want a SRB Kid Art Commission!!" GREAT! We are creating a "subgroup" for just SRB friends, so you receive specific information about when I travel back to your neighborhood. Right now, I'm penciling in the last week of June to work in SRB!

"How do I get on your email list?" There is a pop-up as soon as you enter You can enter your email there!

"How much does this cost?" Prices range from $100-$2,000. Olivia at is happy to give you all the info to start planning your masterpiece!

"Let's collaborate! I am a business owner in SRB!" Sounds amazing! Let's get this vision board started with Erin at and me at I make a point to meet every business I work with in person (or at least FaceTime) before we partner.

"I still have questions!!!" No worries. Me too (but about so many other things in life...) My right hand (well, entire right side of my body), Olivia, can help me help you! Together, we dream up and conquer the KTA studio world! :)

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