Kelly Terrell

Simply M Photography-0231.jpg

After studying art in Florence, Italy, and graduating from Auburn University with a Bachelors in Fine Art, I worked at the Frist Museum before my career at Cheekwood in Nashville, TN. While continuing to paint, I served as Summer Camp Director and Youth & Community Coordinator for 7 years working with a variety of other artists and taught both young and adult art classes. The next 5 years were spent teaching infants through Pre-K art at Belle Meade Children's Center. That opportunity taught me so much about child development and solidified the importance of art at an early age. I believe in the conversations art creates and the power, confidence, and understanding it can bring to both the viewer and creator. My work tends to have immense movement and color. My active personality and creative heart say, "Bring on the controlled chaos! And let's have fun doing it!" 

I am currently a working artist in Nashville, TN. As a working artist and teacher, I am able to demonstrate the importance of art-making and instill an appreciation for not only art but the people who create it.