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Chubby Hands Full of Weeds

Updated: Feb 13

No one prepares you for the rush of emotion you get when you receive your first handful of weeds from your "baby". Those little, chubby hands gripping their pickings with confidence and love. Then, you continue to get them and express your gratitude to watch them beam with pride.

Savor these moments. And be ready with the appropriate materials!

Bud Vases: If you have a kid who will continue to pick your yard bald, having a designated spot for the pickings to live can help. “Well, the vase is full! We will have to pick more another day.” If you have a child who literally watches you until they know for sure you are going to appreciate their offering…cue the bud vases! If you have a kid who just loves to pick and dump, our rule is “if you pick, it dips”. If you are going to pick a flower, it’s your job to put it water.

Kid scissors: Teaching your kids about and how to use scissors can make your life easier, actually. They need to know their purpose, your expectations, and consequences. What are you allowed to use scissors for? Cutting paper and flowers. What is an adult job? Hair and packaging. They see adults doing it, so I go ahead and explain. Learning to cut with play dough and hair-safe scissors! Terrified to give your kid scissors? I get it. Start with plastic scissors that are advertised to NOT cut hair. They can still cut most flowers and weeds!

Flower Pressing: I loved pressing flowers as a little girl! Today, I would get a spiral bound sketchbook, because they lay flat and are easier for toddlers to draw in. A rubber band can hold it together to press the flowers. I just like to be able to have multiple ways to use one item!

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