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Countdown to Summer!!

Summer Countdown

Though it feels like I’m army crawling to the finish line, I am excited about summer! My kids need nothing (honestly probably just real one-on-one attention from me), but I still got sucked into creating a little “happy” to celebrate finishing their current grade and entering a new season (and chapter…oh, the sentimental tears.)

For around 25 bucks, I grabbed things to put in ONE basket for all three kids. I didn’t buy a new basket, but took one from the garage. This is important. The basket is familiar as a “garage toy basket”, so I am setting up the expectation that this is where most of the toys will go. I also got rid of packaging and trash that wasn’t necessary, so they can easily help me put them in their new toy homes immediately.

We have watercolor and chalk on our back porch, so I was excited to find these painting books! So far, crayons can’t hang on the back porch because the baby likes to chuck them in my full, lush garden. It’s a fun, “where’d it go?!” game she likes to play. By herself. I don’t like this game. Same with bubbles. Only one type of bubbles I like so far for tiny, experimental hands.

I’m going to have them journal about their day or use writing prompts this summer. I actually didn’t need to buy my kindergartener a book, because he has plenty of pages left in his from school.  Books like this are nice to have in my “restaurant Mary Poppins bag” though. And it was a dollar.

Growing up, my mom called sugary, fun cereal “vacation cereal”. It was SO excited to get to the grocery store at a new city and be able to pick out a big box of bright, unhealthy cereal. We continued the thrilling tradition, so little packs like this are exciting but won’t drag on forever. (Ya know, since we are going to eat healthy this summer and not 34 snacks a day;)) My mom also had these for us as kids, so maybe Ter knew what was up (hahaha!)

I have a dot marker container filled with India ink to create hard, dark letters like this. Not exactly typical in everyone’s house but traditional dot markers will work too, if write with them like a marker.

I threw in nice, neon SPF sticks from their Easter baskets. They didn't really notice because of the more preferred and exciting items that day, so why not add them again? I went for the colored, because my kids love Bluey. I love SPF and celebrating being a little quirky, so this episode looked like something I wanted to recreate:)

We’ll celebrate laziness, eating crap and staying up late for a bit, but then it’s onto a summer routine when Daddy goes back to work after the holiday weekend.

More about this free download when you get to the KTA shop. I added the story to the description :) Some affiliate links of items I referenced below!

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