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Easy like the 1990s: Summer Break

Slip and slides, bubbles, water guns, and sidewalk chalk. Summer dinners of watermelon, popsicles, hot dogs, and corn. Crickets, frogs, and moonlight. Sunkissed, air-dried hair and dresses. Running around barefoot with Fleetwood Mac in the background. Tan lines, pool-callused fingertips, and painted toes. Staying up late and going to bed dirty. Capri Suns, beer, and solo cup specialties. This is summer.

For the Terrells, summer celebrates kiddo 1/2 birthdays (because when you have a Thanksgiving and flu season January birthday, your parties are, well, limited), a July 4th birthday, my birthday, Father's Day, and a wedding anniversary. A lot to celebrate and time to chill.

Photos & Videos by Kailee Riches Photography

I am desperately in need of a "low internet" summer, but that's easier said than done. It's a lot of my job, mom and artist. The Internet is so tightly woven into our daily routines and lives. I don't even think about it. But I should. So, I've spent a dumb amount of time figuring out how to realistically have a lower amount of internet in my life. Especially this summer. Everything from virtual assistants for maximum efficiency to "dumb" phones, audio players, and more. It's time to take it back to the 90s, and I am so ready.

Enjoy a trip down memory lane or, even better, incorporate blocks of "disconnected time" to your summer days to have old-school fun!

The past year, Daniel and I have been implementing more “low tech” options in our household. The favorite is our “burner phone” and “Bat phone”. I can explain. I bought an EasyFone and monthly unlimited minutes/data plan over a year ago. It serves as a home phone and way to forward my cell, when I don’t need the distractions from an iPhone. This has been great! I also love that our kids can call family and talk (not only FaceTime) to them when they want.   

Daniel went with a flip phone to forward work calls after 6:00. He is on his phone all the time, and we were calling him out on it. It's really nice to have a "dumb phone" sometimes and not hard at all to do. Try it!

Don't knock it until you try it.

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