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Hello! I'm Kelly Terrell Art.

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

I'm Kelly Terrell (rhymes with Ferrell, like Will Ferrell). As a creative professional, there's usually a resume full of experiences, trainings, art degrees and some leadership roles and volunteer work. I've got all that. But as a creative, educator and mother, a resume doesn't do any justice to my skill sets, creative talent, patience and connection I have with children. Wow, that sounds obnoxious, but stay with me.

I've been an artist my entire life (also an annoying thing to hear in a bio), I know how to connect, communicate and collaborate with people (not just children), and have the ability to give the gift of my art expertise and experiences with families in an intimate, customized and inclusive studio setting.

The best part of this gig is working with ya’ll. Seeing their brains problem solve, experiment and express themselves on the canvas. Being able to work both as a private art educator AND professional artist in this magical studio is far beyond what I can put into words in a resume.

So, once you meet me, know that we will instantly be friends. Or you are welcome to laugh at me (I am not easily offended and laugh at myself often). I am unapologetically me, an over sharer, honest, a dreamer, busy body, smile so much my cheeks hurt and mouth gets dry, and truly care about getting to know you and your children. The quirks, strong will, sibling dynamics, silliness, and even meltdowns. I'm right there with you as a parent.

So, what is YOUR Kid Art Commission? It's this season of your life. It's a painting created by your child(ren) with me in my studio and enhancements afterward. It's an authentic representation of your child's energy, personality or interests right now. It's a moment of time frozen to remember they don't stay little long. Or to remember and reflect on how proud (of them and of yourself) to see bigger hands confidently layered into your abstract work. It's the fine art your home is calling for. The bold and beautiful statement to your children that you see, admire, are inspired by and celebrate them. It's the piece you would grab in the event of a fire (or so I'm told;))

Let's get to know each other better... subscribe to my newsletter to follow my circus!

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