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On the Santa Rosa Beach, FL!

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

On the road again! We are heading down to Santa Rosa Beach in March for some Kid Art Commission sessions. Here's how we're going to do it...

This will help me see the interest, what sizes and the amount of kiddos (like 9 cousins vs. 1 baby. All pieces of the studio schedule puzzle when traveling). When I have all the information, I'll set-up a schedule and figure out the logistics:)

Other details:

  • These sessions are true "studio" sessions. All about you for 45 min-1 hr. You customize your color palette with me, watch your kiddos live their best art lives, and go home with my enhancements added.

  • Available sizes are 24x24, 30x30, 36x36, 30x40, 48x48, 48x60.

  • Edits for these pieces may be tricky, but not impossible. We will work together the entire hour of your session to make sure it's going in the direction you want. So, speak up! I'm not easily offended:) I'll work on pieces 3/13. If you would like more edits after that, I take them back to my studio in Nashville to work on. Then, bring them back the beginning of June! I can get you a quote for courier service sooner too.

So, Santa Rosa Beach...let's do this!!


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