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Studio Pop Up at You're Invited Nashville! || 11.7.22

One of the best parts of my job is getting to know some amazing families and their "boss moms"! When Anna's boys came into the studio (years ago?! Where does time go?), it was obvious we needed to work together again. Mom-owned businesses all have a common vein that is living off coffee, unconditional love and adrenaline. And we can make some incredible things happen when we work together:)

So, without further adieu, Kelly Terrell Art is bringing you hand-painted, ceramic ornaments and on-site hand printing at You're Invited Nashville! We hope to see you on Monday, November 7 from 12-4pm. Like all things in life when working with children and a full moon, I don't really know what's going to happen. (No, really. The full moon this is true. Have your liquor cabinet stocked and say a prayer for your teachers. Or maybe send them the liquor...) But I have a great plan and beautiful ornaments! Inventory is available until it's not:) I'll be there the entire 4 hours to capture your kiddos' prints! The idea is to help knock out your holiday list and treat yourselves, so we'll have all the packaging for you to pass these treasures on as gifts too.

Paint is latex, so it does stain clothes but cleans very easily with wet wipes. (I'll have those too!) Latex dries pretty quickly, but you will be in the perfect place to finish your teacher, family, baby and really any gift buying at You're Invited Nashville until they dry enough to travel home with!!

So, will we see you on November 7th? I sure hope so! As always, it's still bonkers to me that I get to do this every day. I feel so fulfilled (ya know, because this is about me here:)) and am honored you allow me to create with your incredible children. THANK YOU!


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