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The Art of Journaling

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Art journaling. If you haven’t dabbled in the world of mixed media journals, torn papers, recycled papers and collage, I encourage you to try! I’ve processed my world and anxieties through art journaling since I was very young. My best friend and I started making “friendship books” together and would spend hours scrapbooking our memories, childhood and inside jokes together. The 7+ volumes literally fill a trunk. I continued art journaling and writing through college.

With all we are working through in Nashville recently, I watched my daughter write mural sized thoughts on our driveway and remembered the power of art journaling.

So, I share with you my freshman year art journal. As I told my daughter a couple weeks ago, “There are always going to be bad things in the world. Bad choices, bad people, bad dreams and even bad smells and food! But they don’t out weigh the good. WE are the good and have the power to see and celebrate the good. Together, we can inspire and change the bad.”

Looks like I was processing a lot when I was journaling freshman year too. I’m not going to pretend evil doesn’t exist or shield myself from the horrific and tragic loses. But I do need to figure out how the heck I cope with such a thing. A couple weeks ago, I remembered how healing and therapeutic mixed media is for me. I hope you find something similar or join me in creating!

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